AKEMI's Achievement


AKEMI is honoured to be awarded with The World’s Best eBranding Award 2020 by The BrandLaureate, under the category of Retail Bedding Solutions. This award has given recognition to AKEMI’s reputation for providing high quality bedding solutions through the years and the brand’s success as the No.1 bedding brand in Malaysia for more than a decade. (Nielsen Research, 2021)

More about The BrandLaureate Award:
It is the regional branding award with global recognition for all the top industry leaders who have successfully built their brands over the years and sustained it through the best branding practices and innovative solutions.


With a commitment to provide only the best for every family through extensive array of bedding, bedding accessories and bath essentials, AKEMI has gained its national recognition as one of the recipients for the Superbrands Award.


A prestigious award that is presented to the most trusted brands with finest reputation across sectors and industries, AKEMI is officially acknowledged for offering products that are intricately crafted through decades of bedding expertise.

The brand will continue to evolve and champion the textile and bedding industry internationally as it reaches to more regions. AKEMI promises in giving full excellency in every thread and every piece of collections to fulfil needs and expectations of our customers. At AKEMI, we embrace the importance of togetherness and we aspire to provide the best for every family. With that, we are humbled by your support and trust over the years which have granted us with this prestigious award.